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Meeting with the Canal & River Trust 4 April 2014

Meeting with the Canal & River Trust 4th April 2014

Simon Salem and Nigel Crowe attended for CRT. Simon outlined the progress on the use of the Round House, which is still a matter to be finalised between CRT and the National Trust. The intention is to make this an activity centre where visitors can get information and equipment for activities such as walking, cycling, canoeing, etc. as well as refreshments and visit the various displays in the Roundhouse relating to the history of the area.

The opportunity to create boat and walking links between the Round House and the Canal Museum were also discussed.

Simon Salem said that CRT supported anything that encouraged greater public involvement in and awareness of the canals and they certainly wouldn’t object to it. However the existing museums that CRT has inherited are a considerable drain on finances and I don’t think we should assume that the Trust’s Council would support it.

It was agreed that the first thing we need to do is to find a site for the museum.

The James Brindley pub building was suggested. It has been unused for some years and is in the historic Gas Street Basin, which already attracts many visitors. The main objection to this was the modern style of the building and the possible cost of using it. The old Science Museum Building in Newhall Street was also considered and the longer term options related to the HS2 development.

The point was also made that our canals are a living museum that need to be explained to visitors by various means including through mobile phones and similar technical solutions.