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The Andrew Dyke Pages: Inculdes the Evesham Floods Easter 1998, Narrowboat 'One Moore' and The Building of Narrowboat Lord Toulouse
Angie Howard's website: Pictures of the Caledonian Canal and the Witham Navigable Drains .
Anonymoss: Alan Moss has details of the town of Stone, his boat and cruises.
The Antidote web pages: Photos of Alastair Wiles's narrowboat together with layout drawings and other information about the boat.
A Boater's Wedding: The wedding of Joe and Jackie Jones on the Llangollen Canal.
Bolinder Engines: Information, Engines, Manuals and Spares for these diesel engines.
The Booze Cruise: A 30,000-word account about a canal boat holiday with six people. Over 100 photos.
Brian's Canal Pages: Tells of the restoration of NB "RUMPUS" which was built in 1976 as a day hire boat.
Bristol Fashion: Life afloat on a 50 foot long Dutch barge style narrowboat based on London's canals.
British Inland Waterways: Pages by Gerry Cork
The Building and Journeys of Narrowboat Harnser: Tells the story from 1997 to the present day, including the building of the boat and journeys since she was launched.
The Buildingof Narrowboat Drift-A-Way:
canals@rigdenage: Reports of voyages round the british canal sytstem.
Canalscape - An eBook by Cyril J Wood: 50 Years of Canal Cruising ... From 1960 to 2010
Captain Pugwash:
The Cat's Whiskers - narrowboat: The website is intended to tell the story of fitting out the narrowboat, hopefully helping other people interested in doing the same thing.
Chris & Dot's Boating Adventures 2003: Assorted tales from our summer afloat on the English canals, 2003 on the narrow-beam motor cruiser Catcho.
Chris, Kate & James Brown's - Website: Contains canal information, their boat - Louisa May, extending Louisa May and non-canal pages.
"Cindy B" - A Sea Otter: Cindy B is a 26ft Sea Otter, commissioned in 1998, built in marine grade aluminium by Sea Otter Boats Ltd of Derby.
Cutworks: Being stretched from 51 to 70' feet at Measham Boats - Dec 2002 - Jan 2003
David Kitching's Canal Pages: Historical information and photographs of the Ashton, Macclesfield and Peak Forrest Canals.
Devon: This web-site is dedicated to the restoration of a vintage marine engine.
Double Dutch: A Dutch couple buy a narrowboat to live on and cruise the UK canals.
Dvbris: Dvbris is now an all steel 54 foot narrowboat, fitted with a 1967 Lister SR2. She has an unusual hull and a long history.
Extreme Narrowboating: Bristol to Bath and back in flood conditions - 26-29 May 2000.
Floating Down the River: Ian and Dot Hart's pages on Thames boating and Cruising the French Waterways.
The Friday Night Club: The canal trips of a long-established men's drinking society based in the small Oxfordshire village of Chilton.
Gandalf Home Page: The site relating to Thames based cruiser Gandalf. Contains a downloadable table of times between locks on the River Thames
Graham & Jane Oliver Home Page: The proud owners of Narrowboat 'Alnwick', a 62 ft. all steel replica motor tug built by R W Davis & Son Ltd. of Saul Junction, Gloucestershire.
Gypsy Rover: A middle aged couple from Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand are building a narrowboat to live and cruise on the canals during their retirement
Hazel's Photos: Contains some good shots of the Falkirk Wheel.
Home Page for Cath and Nigel Bromley: Pages that include a Canals section with trip logs and a canal game that lets you navigate round the system.
I'd Rather be Narrow Boating: Life aboard a newly owned Narrow Boat, boat items for sale and wanted
Inland Navigation Photography: Compiled by Bill Chambers, a waterway enthusiast and photographer, who has extensively travelled the waterways.
Inland Waterways: John Law's photographs.
IWA's 1996 National Rally: Trip on the Canals by Narrowboat to the IWA's National Rally at Windmill End, Netherton/Dudley.
James's Canal Pages: Information on the Scottish Lowland Canals
Jannock Homepage: The Keens family site.
Jemima II : Alan and Moira's accounts and photos of their voyages.
John Bennett's Canal pages: Various waterway pictures.
John Widdall Photography: Photos of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal restoration in 1981 and again from 1999 recording the progress of the work.
Keeping Up with the Jones Family: The Travels of the Jones Family, and Narrow Boat "Keeping Up"
Kevin and Ann Warrington's web site: Includes Stuff About Boats and canals.
Khayamanzi: The site of Andrew Edwards who lives on his narrowboat Khayamanzi.
The Leeds & Liverpool Canal: A towpath guide to this and some other canals.
Mary Harrison's Canal Pages: This site is about Waterways and Narrowboats, boating and Britain's Canals.
Mel's Websites: Personal pages that contain a lot of pages about canal boating.
Michael Clarke's Home Page: Full details, photographs, history, construction, fit out etc. of narrow boat Sika, based on a 62' Northwich Trader Class shell from R. W. Davis, plus more about traditional narrowboat diesel engines.
Mike Clarke's canal pages: A professional industrial and canal historian and restoration engineer with articles on his field.
Mike Skyner's Homepages: Includes Canal Pages, Glenifer and Kelvin Marine engines.
Mike Stevens' Web Pages: Information on London's waterways plus much more.
Moneypenny: The website for the 2 berth Shetland 535 boat known as "Moneypenny". Here you can track her progress along the inland rivers around the River Thames and see images from her days out.
Myk Askin's Pictures: Photos, webcam and cruising logs.
N. B. Whisper: So far there is information here on the technical design and interior Andy Greener's pages on the design of Whisper with photos of Whisper and waterside events.
N.B. Tambourine: Covers the design and construction of a 50-foot narrowboat, built by Associated Cruisers in 1998, and some cruising logs..
Narrow Boat Sojourn: Sojourn, is part-owned by Andrew and Pippa Cooley and is managed for the owners by Ownerships Ltd.
The Narrow Boat Victor: This site is run by Leon & Jill Crawley to keep a record of the British narrow boat VICTOR.
Narrowboat Apple Queen: Apple Queen is a gas free narrowboat designed and built by Reading Marine.
Narrowboat Beatty: The history of this historic boat from 1937 to the present.
NarrowBoat Drift-A-Way: Choosing a shell builder and fitting out a narrowboat in 2005.
Narrowboat Elektra: A gas free boat, powered by a 30bhp Beta Marine PropGen diesel engine which can also generate up to 11kVA of electric power at 230V. Cooking is all-electric.
Narrowboat Emily Anne: Emily Anne is a coal fired steam narrowboat, she is quite distinctive with her dutch barge shape, large funnel, and her steam engine.
Narrowboat Epiphany: The narrowboat 'Epiphany' story from design to cruising.
Narrowboat Havana: Simon Marshall's personal pages.
Narrowboat Isabella: The fit out of this 35 foot boat and the Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation.
Narrowboat Navigator II: Built by David Piper, in 1983, along the lines of a traditional working boat but fully fitted for cruising use.
Narrowboat Polly Anna: A 63ft all steel narrowboat bought second-hand from Valley Cruises, her history and a log book of her cruises.
Narrowboat Progress: For many years Chris Coburn has undertaken some amazing journeys on his narrowboat Progress in support of canal restoration and development projects.
Narrowboat Somerton: Launched in August 2001, Somerton is 58 ft long and is of a "semi-traditional" design.
Narrowboat Starcross: The life and times of a narrowboat on the English canal system.
Narrowboat Swallow: Photographs of this shared boat.
Narrowboat Ten Bob Note: Ten Bob Note and is a 60ft cruiser stern built by Stephen Goldsburough. She is Goldsburough boat number 104 and was launched in May of 2002 at Knowle.
Narrowboating on the UK Inland Waterways: A somewhat toungue-in-cheek view of narrowboating
The Nauticus Canal Cruiser: A site for lovers of the Nauticus boatbuilt in the 70's in Hertfordshire by near the Rye House Pub on the River Lee.
NB Fulbourne: The history and photographs of this historic working boat
NB Gamebird: Gamebird is a 26-foot Sea Otter narrow boat built in 1998. Her present owners brought her to Scotland in 1999 and she is currently moored on the Union canal at Ratho near Edinburgh.
NB Maria Jessie: The story of the building, launch and travels of the narrowboat Maria Jessie.
Nb Ramyshome : Roger and Maureen Yorke's Sailing Home - their two year journey around the canals of England & Wales
nb Rodbaston: Trip reports, photos and links.
Nb Rufford: Rufford was built in the Autumn of 2004 and was lowered into the water on 14 January 2005 at Stockton Top Marina (formerly Blue Lias Marina).
Norman Boats Appreciation Society: For owners and others interested in Norman cruisers.
The Official Bill Davies Web Site: The site includes sections about buying a second-hand narrowboat ( 'Rosy'), taking her to Europe, living aboard abroad, and about canals in wartime .
Our Canalboat Honeymoon: A slideshow of an American bride and an Australian groom on brief honeymoon on the Kennet & Avon Canal.
Paul and Molly Mockford's Canals Section: Lots of pictures of boaters.
Penelope's World of Water: Features the Cotswold Canals
Per Angusta: Per Angusta is a narrowboat that is being built.
Pete's Montgomery Canal Website: The purpose of this website is to bring together up to date items of news, information and interest about the Montgomery Canal.
Peter and Pauline Curtis's Information Service: A lot of boating text and pictures amongst a mass of other subjects.
The Pig Pen: This is the Home-stye of Oliver & Naomi Clarke including an extensive section dealing with canals in the UK and narrowboat art.
Planet Melling: The website of John Melling and his narrowboat Rosie.
The Progression of Helian: A project to turn HELIAN, a 33 feet worn down narrow boat, into a thing of beauty - in time and with hard work.
Ronarosa: The story of a narrowboat
Roy's Home Page: Owner of a 53-foot narrowboat 'Nirvana' moored on the Staffs & Worc Canal.
Saturn Family 25 : About a Saturn 25 named "Tinally" and an article from July 1991 when she was reviewed by "Canal & Riverboat"
Save Our Canals & Waterways is on Facebook: The purpose of this Facebook page is to make people aware of the situation. And to gain support where possible and to spread the word.
Snecklifter :A Journey: A middle-aged couple sell their house to buy a narrowboat. Their plan: a four-year continuous cruise of Britain's inland waterways system
Solveigs Song: The building of a narrowboat.
Steam Narrowboat Emily Anne: Emily Anne is a coal fired steam narrow boat, she is 58ft long, with a steel hull, built in 1991.
Steev's Canal Pages: An introduction to canal boating.
Stephen and Lucy's Website: Includes pages covering canal trips with photographs.
Tam Lin: A narrowboat based at Middlewich.
Terry Rigden: Pages that include a canals section.
Tim Lewis's Web Site: Currently Offering Links To Sites of Interest To Waterways Enthusiasts
Tony Clayton's Canal Pages: Journeys on the BCN and links to the Shrewsbury & Newport Canals and other canal pages.
Touch and Tell: The trips of the narrowboat Touch and Tell, named after the motto of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People "Hearing Dogs Touch and Tell".
Travelling the Inland Waterways: Good accounts, with photographs, of the trips of the narrowboat Bluebell.
Two Jays: The cruises of the narrowboat Two Jays
Uisce - Floating Abode: A diary and pictures covering the building and fitting out of a narrowboat.
Where Thames Smooth Waters Glide: John Eade's pages covering the river from Teddington up to the source. Photos (old and new), illustrations, poems, maps and other information.
www.bream.org: A site mainly about FMC Fish Class boats and the authors own boat Bream.

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Jim Shead Waterways Photographer & Writer
Text and photographs copyright of Jim Shead.
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