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Cruising Times Introduction and Index

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Cruising Times

Introduction and Index

These pages give some actual cruising times based on voyages Beryl and I have made in our 57 foot narrowboat the Lorna-Ann. The figures show the Miles and Locks average for the voyage and the Ave Time taken for the journey. The No Voy column at the end of the table shows the number of voyages forming the basis for the calculations. Where this is greater than 1 the columns Max Time, Min Time, Max L/M, Min L/M will also contain significant information, rather than just a repeat of the average figures. The column Ave L/M is the number of locks plus the number of miles divided the average time thus giving the number of lock/miles per hour. This also applies to the calculations for Max L/M and Min L/M which are based on the Max Time and Min Time figures respectively.

If some of these cruising times, or mileages seem out of line with expectations, or the table of distances data, this may be because we made a detour or had some hold up on the journey. In these cases (as with all our voyages) details of the actual journey are available in the cruising log pages.